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At Diploma Market we offer the highest quality novelty fake diplomas and fake transcripts available. We pay close attention to all aspects of the diploma design, including an accurate reproduction of paper, size, fonts, and color. Our realistic looking fake diplomas are perfect for replacement of a damaged diploma, as an additional copy allowing you to safeguard your original diploma, or as a novelty item to showcase to colleagues and friends. A fake diploma template can be viewed online by simply choosing the school of choice and finding an example of a diploma. Once this is done, a diploma can be created from scratch. To get started, the school’s name needs to be typed at the top of the page, using the same font style. The name of the diploma recipient will need to go on a line that is located near the bottom of the page. Below that will be the degree program and the type of degree earned.

All of our fake diplomas can be ordered with or without fake transcripts to further enhance their realism. Our novelty fake transcripts are available in High School, College, and University formats and contain classes appropriate to the degree or course specified. The transcripts are printed on realistic transcript security paper with authentic anti-copying technology including, security warning border, hidden messages, and watermark, coin activated security back print, distinctive blue background, 60# quality paper and more.A fake diploma maker who wants a truly authentic looking fake diploma will need to track down an original diploma. The copy of diploma can then be used to create the new diploma. This allows for better authenticity when creating a new document.

There is no better choice online for your fake diplomas, fake degrees and fake transcripts. We provide high-quality documents and provide a much better alternative than the phony documents obtained from illegal diploma mills or diplomas based on life experience. There are several skills that can be of benefit when trying to create a fake diploma. Computer and Photoshop skills are essential when creating a diploma from scratch. Calligraphy or copying penmanship is perfect skills when filling in the lines of the diploma from the receiver’s name to the principal and secretary of the school.


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